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I'm offering some of the gear I used to record the latest 2 songs to the first person who donates a specified amount. Up for grabs will be one of the first production guitars of the Fender American Professional Stratocaster that I only put about 2 hours of use on it. A custom built Bass and a Fender Rumble Studio 40 amp. Both have less than 3 hours of use on them.

Fender Rumble 40 Studio Amplifier Donate $600 or more 

This is a new Fender Rumble 40 Studio Amp I used for a few of my YouTube video's and to record Live Free Die Free, It's Game Over, You've Been Duped. Contact me with any questions you may have about this listing ~ Thank You :) ~ 

Specifications from Fender - The Fender Rumble Studio 40 is an ideal digital amp for the studio and rehearsing. The Rumble Studio features 40 watts that power one hot 10" driver that kicks out solid bass tone. Bassists are especially fond of the Rumble Studio 40's veritable vault of classic amp and cabinet tones from the onboard modeling made famous by Fender's Mustang GT amplifiers. Dial in anything from '50s Bassman tones to mammoth stadium sounds of the '70s and '80s to extended modern-day low end. Onboard are also more than 15 amp models and 40-plus effects, featuring stellar compression and EQ effects, reverbs, delays, octave effects, and a cool 60-second looper, great for practice and songwriting. The Fender Rumble Studio 40 also comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB record-out for all your wireless and digital setup needs. XLR line-out for live/studio use gives you options for unique setups.

Available to residents of the Continental United States Only - Must have a Physical Address for Signature Required UPS delivery

Fender Gibson Inspired Bass Donate $1200 or more 

If you are seeking a true 1970's Jazz bass sound, this is it. Bass is a 2021 parts built bass body that I custom cut and contoured, *total cost for parts with no labor was just over $1,250. *I used it to record It's Game Over, You've Been Duped. 
The body is 1-3/4" thick in the center areas similar to a Gibson Thunderbird and then thins out towards the top and bottom with the shape similar to a Stratocaster with narrower horns, more curves/contours and like a Precision at the bridge end, which shaves several pounds off the total weight bringing it down to 9 1/4 lbs. 

A bit of breathing room sanded around the neck/body mount area to reduce the chance of the phenomenon called "neck pocket crack" that could result from wood expansion during high humidity Pickup and control cavity has Copper shielding. 2 thin coats of oil based Poly that has been hand buffed to a vintage satin finish. True 70's voiced pickups, Bourns pots and Switchcraft jack all wired with 22 gauge Fender Vintage copper strand wire. A custom made control plate with copper shielding to work with the new body shape, Fender Stratocaster knobs and vintage style strap buttons. Satin finish on the fretboard with a smooth matte finish on the back of the neck and headstock, which is contoured to match the 51 Precision headstock and soft sanded in a few areas for that Vintage look. It has premium fret end dressing with the fret ends behind the black neck binding and a hand shaped/cut nut. Comes with new D'Addario EXL165 45-105 strings and a lightly padded gig bag. 

Bourns Audio Taper Specifications 
250K Ohm Split Shaft Audio Taper Pots - Short Shaft (3/8" bushing). 
Low Friction Rotation (This means the knob turns easier than a standard rotation model) They also have a slight metal on metal feel to the rotation. This is how they are made. These are the 3/8" length bushing. The threaded bushing is 3/8" tall and 3/8" diameter, shaft is 1/4" diameter). 

Genuine Switchcraft jack 

Sound Harbor 2J473J 0.047uF Capacitor (473J 630V) Excellent stability, High precision Polypropylene capacitance, The tolerance is plus or minus 2 percent Small size to fit any control cavity, High quality noise reduction capacitance. These have been put in several builds going back 10 years and are still working fine in those guitars. It is soldered in a manner where you can switch it out to your favorite brand if you want. *I know everyone has their favorite brand/type of Capacitor. 

Wire - 22 gauge Fender Vintage copper strand wire excluding manufacturer pickup wires.